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I want to help abused children to find their way out of hell

… because unfortunately, some children have to live through more than they can bear. The number of abused children cases is on the rise. Speaking up is not easy, but it is necessary to make sure the children know where to ask for help. The specialized psychotherapists help mistreated and sexually abused children, offers assistance and helping them to get back to better childhood.

Eleven-year-old Tomáš writes to the helpline chat of the Children’s Crisis Center. He is scared of his dad and has no one to tell. A few weeks ago, his mother died of covid and his grieving father turned to alcohol. He had been drinking before, but now things got worse. In addition, the mother who would protect Tomáš is gone. Tomáš needs an adult to whom he could talk about his suffering, who will not judge or punish him for his feelings and will provide him with the necessary support. Dad tells him that he’s not enough of a guy and that boys don’t cry.

At the chat, however, Tomáš learns that being sad and crying is okay, that sometimes everyone cries, and it makes them better in the end. Maybe it would help dad, too, says Tomáš. The helpline worker appreciates that Tomáš decided to get in touch and tells him that he has the right to ask for help. Dad must not hurt him physically or mentally. The boy does not know in whom he could confide about his suffering – he is not yet ready for such a step. Maybe grandpa? He’s fine, but he lives far away, and he’s dad’s dad. What if he doesn’t believe Tomáš? The consultant suggests that he can think about it and contact her again another day. Tomáš leaves feeling better; there is someone there for him at any time, he can tell him everything, moreover anonymously, if he wants to. Tomáš still has a lot of questions and worries, but he knows he doesn’t have to be alone in his suffering. He is already sure that he will get in touch again.

Together we will move the world and help children break through the vicious circle of heartbreak and misery!

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