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I want to help abused children to find their way out of hell

… because unfortunately, some children have to live through more than they can bear. The number of abused children cases is on the rise. Speaking up is not easy, but it is necessary to make sure the children know where to ask for help. The specialized psychotherapists help mistreated and sexually abused children, offers assistance and helping them to get back their happy childhood.

“Hello… Can I write to you?” A ten-year-old girl writes to the Children’s Crisis Center Trust Line chat. She is glad that she can write under a nickname, no one can see or hear her. “Lots of crying emojis. I offer to help her under any circumstances,” says the consultant. “I learn that her mother works night shifts. An uncle (as they call him) then looks after the girl. Something strange has happened recently. Uncle wanted to wash her in the bathtub, stroking her inner thighs, even though she told him she was able to clean herself. She had to promise him she wouldn’t tell anyone… And she had broken that promise now. I feel her fear and shame, and I praise her courage to describe what had happened. And I offer a different perception of secrets: they can be good or bad. A good secret is to be surprised by a gift or share thoughts and ideas with a friend. The bad secrets are hurtful and forced promises of silence.

She thinks for a moment and then replies that her secret is probably bad. She longs for it to be over and her mom to know. We plan how to tell her mother about the situation. We go through the conversation step by step so that my mother can understand what had happened. We are considering the possibility of a drawing. The girl likes that! She feels greatly relieved. We say goodbye and I assure her that should she or her mother need it, they can call the non-stop helpline: 777 715 215.”

Together we will move the world and help children break through the vicious circle of heartbreak and misery!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!