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I want to help children from the institutional care to enjoy a happy childhood

… because the orphanage teddy bear is simply not enough for a happy childhood. Children from care homes lack close and exclusive relationships, attention that would be paid only to them, and experiences that shape a fulfilled childhood.

That is why the foundation helps children who have spent most of their lives in institutional care enjoy holidays, trips and camp adventures. Last summer, the children from the Bojkovice care home went on an excursion to an agricultural company, visited the exotic parrots breeding station and took part in the “Olympic Games”, focused on movement and tourism and environmental protection. Their enthusiastic reactions are always the greatest reward for us. The children wanted the stay to last all year. “Today was the best day, when are we going to ride the tractor again?” asked ten-year-old Honzík.

To experience such unique moments is not just about education support for independence and the overall development of children in institutional care. It is also about satisfaction, a feeling of uniqueness and self-confidence, which will help them live a fulfilling life in the future when they decide to start their own family. This is exactly the chance children receive together with the gift of a happy childhood.

Together we will move the world and help children from institutional care to enjoy the experiences that are part of a fulfilled, happy childhood!

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