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I want to help children to return from the institutional care back to the family

… because children who grow up in a family environment have a better chance to succeed in life and create their own happy family than those who grew up in an institutional care.

Five-year-old Alenka and fourteen-year-old Mirek spent many months in a facility for children requiring immediate assistance. Parents used drugs for a long time, they rarely appeared, no one else visited the children, and they were consequently placed in a small family-type institutional facility.

The facility staff helped the siblings to get acquainted with the new environment and drew a so-called family map with them. It proved that Mirek was in touch with several relatives via social networks. After the first contact, the grandmother and aunt soon showed up at care home. Gradually, the aunt offered that the children could visit her. However, after much deliberation, her family decided that they were unable to offer other children a permanent home. More and more people started supporting children in various ways, and it was decided to organize a family conference in cooperation with the LATA organization. Seven relatives met with the children and created and drew a road map of support. The other grandmother decided to take the children into her care. Mirek was sceptical at first, after all, he had already experienced many disappointments, Alenka was full of optimism. Stays with grandma proved successful and the children had the opportunity to process their insecurities in therapy near grandmother’s residence because they began to live together. Mirek joined the care workers for a holiday trip, Alenka stayed with her grandma… “The court’s decision of grandma’s care was the most beautiful gift we were all waiting for,” said the social workers. “Today we are happy to watch the children enjoy time together in their extended family.”

Together we will move the world and make sure more children can find their way home from the institutional care!

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