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I want to help families in difficult situations

… because life crisis doesn’t have to mean collapse of the family. If parents love their children and want to provide for them, it is unacceptable to tear the family apart for social reasons.

Lenka’s pregnancy was not planned, but both partners looked forward to having the baby despite the crack in their relationship. Besides, Lenka hoped that her partner would stop drinking. However, he soon lost interest in his daughter and his addiction to alcohol and gambling spiralled. He often spent his entire paycheck on gambling, and Lenka started working just a year later to be financially independent. As her partner became more and more aggressive, the daughter suffered from anxiety and cried when the father raised his voice. Lenka realized that she did not want to raise a child in such an environment. After one of the attacks, she ran away to a secret shelter for women at risk of domestic violence only with a small bag of belongings and documents.

Lately, Lenka has been working on finishing her studies, which she had interrupted before her pregnancy, and preparing for the final exams. She placed her young daughter in a nursery, earns a living as a teaching assistant in high school and looks forward to taking on the teacher position in the autumn. She is starting anew and is ready to provide for her daughter on her own. After a long search, she found a suitable apartment and asked the Tereza Maxová Foundation to help her with the costs of the equipment.

Together we will move the world and help the families in need to stay together!

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