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I want to help families in difficult situations

… because life crisis doesn’t have to mean collapse of the family. If parents love their children and want to provide for them, it is unacceptable to tear the family apart for social reasons.

Gabina met her husband ten years ago. She brought a little daughter into the relationship, and after three years, a second baby girl was born. They lived as a happy family for eight years before deciding to buy an older family house. But the reconstruction proved beyond their means, and as debts accumulated, her husband began to address the existential pressure with alcohol. The frightened children watched on as quarrels became more frequent. When the police had to intervene, Gabina decided to file for divorce. She is now in the middle of divorce proceedings, and the court has placed the children in her care.

Gabina is looking for a job and actively trying to solve her situation but so far, the coronavirus crisis and closed child care facilities have prevented her from finding a source of income. She cannot reach welfare benefits because her divorce has not been completed. With the help of social workers from the municipal office, she found temporary housing. Determined to sort out her future, she goes step by step to ensure that her daughters have a peaceful and stable home. She turned to us for help.

Together we will move the world and help the families in need to stay together!

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