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I want to help mothers from shelter homes to start again

… because improving lives of mothers means giving their children a better future. We support mothers to help them rebuild their lives upon leaving the shelter home, teach them how to plan and manage the family budget, how to avoid cumulating debts.

Věra moved to England a few years ago together with her partner. Their son Kryštof was born with an autistic disorder and moderate mental retardation and attended a special school in the UK. When Věra and her partner broke up, she returned to the Czech Republic and found a job. She lived with relatives for a while and then took refuge in a shelter home for mothers with children. “I am very grateful that they provided us with a roof above our heads,” says Věra.

The staff helped to arrange the necessary examinations for her son, obtain a Czech birth certificate for him and apply for the state welfare. Kryštof is learning Czech with the help of a special pedagogue. He entered a school for children with special needs and had it not been for the coronavirus, his mother would have already returned to a part-time job. Věra is a good, devoted mother. Caring for her son is physically and mentally very demanding, but she works hard to find an apartment so that soon where they could live on their own.

Together we will move the world and help mothers in need to put their lives back on track!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!