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I want to help mothers from shelters to start again

…because to influence the future of children means to change the future of their mothers. We help moms start a new life after leaving the shelter, learn to plan, manage a family budget and stay out of debt.

I have lived through an endless cycle of threats, stalking and violence,” says Marta, a courageous mother of three. “Then I learned about a shelter home that provides refuge for mothers with children in the same situation. Crying, I told the workers my story. When they called to tell me they had a place for me, I felt that I would no longer need to be alone. The shelter home provided me and the other women with a safe haven and a roof over our heads, but it also helped us to gain strength and hope. Thanks to the support of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, we attend parenting courses and support each other. With the help of social workers, I was able to stand up to my abusive partner. My children and I have to go a long way before we forget. But today we know we are starting again, and we are not alone.”

Together we change people’s destinies and help moms from the shelter homes get back on their feet!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!