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I want to help pregnant mothers in need

… because no one can replace mom! Sometimes a woman gets pregnant while in difficult situation, something bad has happened along the way and she is unable to cope. However, thanks to right help at the right time, she can become a loving and caring mother regardless of her background.

Magda will give birth to her second child in a few weeks. She already has a four-year-old son from a previous relationship whose father lives mainly abroad. When Magda found a new partner, she decided to believe in a better future with him. Despite all efforts, it has become clear that the dream of a good family for her child was not coming true. Her partner became very jealous and mentally unstable. Magda feared for her life and the safety of her son. And when she found out that she was pregnant again, she decided to leave her partner and return to her hometown.

After leaving her partner, she found herself without income. Now she is worried that she could lose the place which her little son calls home and that she would have nowhere to bring her newborn baby. But she is sure of one thing: her greatest wish is to keep the family together. Therefore, she is ready to fight and prepare for the arrival of her second child. “I would like to ensure a peaceful life for us before my second son is born,” says Magda. “Sort out my finances and housing, apply for social welfare, including parental and housing allowance. Our situation is not ideal, but I want my sons to grow up as happy children in a safe home, not in an atmosphere that could be harmful to them.” Magda turned to the Tereza Maxová Foundation for help in paying the rental costs.

Together we will move the world and support the project for pregnant women in need to help mothers to stay with their children and children to stay in the safe arms of moms!

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