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I want to help pregnant mothers in need

… because no one can replace mom! Sometimes a woman gets pregnant while in difficult situation, something bad has happened along the way and she is unable to cope. However, thanks to right help at the right time, she can become a loving and caring mother regardless of her background.

Ester is a young mother, barely 20 years old. She grew up in an orphanage and never knew a family life. Once she reached adulthood, she left the institutional care and returned to her parents, only to find out that they were not able to take care of her siblings, themselves or the house. That’s why she often ran away, met Jirka and soon fell pregnant. Worried that she wouldn’t be able to provide for her child, she panicked. Young parents had nowhere to live, no money.

Social services recommended the project At the Beginning, which supports mothers in a similarly difficult situation. The program workers helped with securing the housing, as well as baby clothes. Ester began to look forward to her daughter’s arrival. Nikola was born a few months ago, and both parents take good care of her. They often call in to get advice on how to take care of their baby properly. They are sure of one thing: Nikola will have a better childhood than her mother had.

Together we will move the world and support the project for pregnant women in need to help mothers to stay with their children and children to stay in the safe arms of moms!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!