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I want to help to heal wounded souls of children

therapy/… because the early life emotional deprivation, separation from family, loss of support and collapse of the world as you have known it leaves scars in the fragile child’s soul, wounds that take a lifetime to heal. Psychotherapy helps children to cope with these experiences.

Three-year-old Terezka has experienced the loss of her family. As her mom was not able to take care of her, the baby girl was placed in a children’s care centre at the age of five months. Fortunately, temporary foster parents provided her with safe care in their family. Specially trained foster parents can take care of children only for a short time (the child can be with them for a maximum of one year). That is why a long-term surrogate family was sought for Terezka. And found! She now grows up in a family with her foster mother, where she is occasionally visited by her mother and grandmother. The whole situation is complicated and difficult to grasp for little Terezka. As a child, she has already experienced so much; sometimes she cries a lot, gets angry and pounds her fists.

The foster mother gives Terezka the love and the care that she needs and has sought help in a specialized centre. The conclusion was clear – Terezka suffers from an attachment disorder. A long-time time attention will be required to make her feel safe and able to establish relationships with her loved ones. Terezka needs the patient care of a psychologist, who will gradually unravel her difficult start in life, help her to understand her history and find confidence in her relationships. It will be a long but meaningful journey that will help Terezka live a joyful and happy childhood.

Together we will move the world and help to give children’s stories a happier ending!

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