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I want to help to heal wounded souls of children

… because the early life emotional deprivation, separation from family, loss of support and collapse of the world as you have known it leaves scars in the fragile child’s soul, wounds that take a lifetime to heal. Psychotherapy helps children to cope with these experiences.

Eight-year-old Adélka and five-year-old Pavlík lived with their mother Lenka and dad Pavel in a smaller town near Prague. One day, Lenka’s husband died in a car accident. Lenka agonized over painful questions surrounding Pavel’s death, but also how to tell the children. “What can they ask? Aren’t the children too young to attend the funeral? Will they understand? And how do I tell that they can take it and manage? What if they will suffer trauma, and how do I know that is the case? How will I raise them on my own? “

The counselling centres such as Vigvam offer a place where no one is alone in finding answers, a safe space for little family members and the grown ones. During the sessions, the therapist talks to children and parents, they play, draw, in short, use techniques that allow people to relax and start talking about their heartbreak. The death of a loved one brings enormous pain, loss of security and insecurity. Therapy allows them to process pain at their own pace and age-appropriately while strengthening family ties that can be broken due to the suffering.

Together we will move the world and help to give children’s stories a happier ending!

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