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I want to help young people from the orphanage study

… because each person has a unique potential and deserves to be supported in their dreams and plans. Investing in education of disadvantaged young people is the best investment for their future.

Nikolas grew up in an orphanage from the age of four. “After a while, I started to see it as an opportunity and not as a punishment. Because life might not turn out as they wanted for a lot of children leaving the institutional care, I started to use what this care has to offer. I was able to graduate from a dream high school, and thanks to experience exchange visits in Spain and the UK. I am now preparing for a bachelor’s degree and I would like to continue with a master’s degree in business law. My education would not be possible without the care home and the support from charity foundations. I am very grateful for their help. I would now like to offer my example and motivation to others. It doesn’t matter what an unfavourable situation you are in right now. It is important to use all available options, or look for new ones to pursue your dreams,” writes Nikolas.

Together we will move the world and help young people fulfil their dreams of education!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!