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I want to help young people from the orphanage study

… because each person has a unique potential and deserves to be supported in their dreams and plans. Investing in education of disadvantaged young people is the best investment for their future.

Michaela has been living in institutional care since she was 4 years old. She was always smart and purposeful, found support in the care home and had good results at school. She successfully graduated from the local business high school. She wanted to study at a university, so she chose a bachelor’s degree in marketing and brand management at Newton University in Brno. With the support of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, she completed it in June this year. She is already looking forward to continuing her studies and believes that she will reach an engineering degree with further follow-up support.

Michaela does not believe that the childhood spent in the children’s care home should affect her in any way. She says of herself that she is a versatile person who loves life. In her free time, she enjoys sports, mainly running, skating and volleyball, she also plays the piano and relaxes with books and baking. She is not afraid to stand on her own two feet but also realizes how many people have helped her on her journey. “Without you, my studies would never have been possible, thanks to you I could study the school of my choice. Thank you very much,” she says about the Tereza Maxová Foundation, which has supported her for the past three years. “Maybe one day I’ll be able to help others, too,” says Michaela.

Together we will move the world and help young people fulfil their dreams of education!

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