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I want to help young people to find their place in the world

… because everyone deserves support to realize their potential. Young people in care do not suffer material hardship, but they lack love and role models of their family and also an opportunity to gain practical experience. We help them to find their feet and successfully start their productive life.

 Petr was born into a large family in a difficult social situation. The children were removed from the family by the social services over time. At the age of 13, Petr was placed in an orphanage together with his brother, and three other siblings in foster care.

At first, Peter was afraid of the new environment, but he and his brother had each other, and the aunts and uncles – care home workers – helped them to settle down in the new home. Petr admits that he was a reluctant student before coming to the care facility, both boys had bad grades. They found great support in the educator Maruška, who believed in their abilities and patiently helped them. That is why Petr sees life in an orphanage as a new chance. “A world of possibilities has opened up for me, such as attending sport and art classes, going for trips and making new friends,” says Petr. “The care home helped me to integrate into society.”

This year, Petr completed a master’s degree in regional development and public administration, and he starts his full-time job in the summer. “The great inner motivation of my studies was to prove that even a child from a problematic family can achieve success and not make excuses for the tough fate,” says Petr. During his studies, the Tereza Maxová Foundation supported him with a housing allowance, thanks to which he learned to live independently and become independent. Therefore, he believes that he will have good start in the new life outside of the orphanage.

Together we will move the world and help more young people to take their destiny in their own hands!

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