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I want to help young people to find their place in the world

… because everyone deserves support to realize their potential. Young people in care do not suffer material hardship, but they lack love and role models of their family and also an opportunity to gain practical experience. We help them to find their feet and successfully start their productive life.

“When I was little, they told me that if I misbehaved I would go to an orphanage. A few years later, paradoxically, I chose this path myself,” recalls Naďa, who was taken from the family with her sister. “It was a difficult decision, but the situation was unbearable for a long time, our mom drank. I found out that the children’s facility is not a rehab. However, the truth is that some children perceive it that way. The beginnings were very difficult, but I always perceived the institutional care as a place where I could start all anew, I can develop and study at university. As the first person in my family. I wouldn’t dare to dream about it before. “

The Tereza Maxová Foundation supported Naďa during her studies, and after staying in the training apartment, Naďa is ready to pursue a new, independent life. “Currently, I am still in school and intensively dealing with my housing situation. Now is the time to leave the children’s home and enter a new stage of life, standing on my own feet. I have worries, but I believe I can make that step, although it will not be easy. But I will be even more proud of myself when I make it,” adds Naďa.

Together we will move the world and help more young people line Naďa to take their destiny in their own hands!

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