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What about this year?

Dear TERIBEAR family,

we know that you are looking forward to the next year of our charity event TERIBEAR Moves Prague or the Fun Day with the Bear. Ever since September, when the fifth year ended, you have been asking us when and where the sixth year will take place. On the Vítkov hill again? Or in the Letná park? We all know that this year has been shaping out completely differently than we expected. And many things might not be the same again. This is not necessarily only bad news. As the foundation team, we have to respond to the sudden situation and consider all aspects when preparing the sixth year of our event. Currently, the whole team is working at full speed to help those who, thanks to the coronavirus crisis, are dealing with even more complex problems. The fact that more than twenty thousand participants gathered last year in Prague and more than three thousand in Mladá Boleslav comes with great joy, but also a great responsibility for us. No one has an idea what the world will look like in September. Nevertheless, we decided to keep the opportunity to move and help together while reinventing our concept.

This year, TERIBEAR charity event will abandon one specific location and become a virtual community. The new form and new technology will allow us to pair the selected running application with our TERIBEAR database, where all the kilometres you have completed in the given period will be recorded to the leader board – just as you know it from previous years. This will require you to register in our database so that we can pair your application with our system for the time of the event.

Although we regret not to be able to meet in person this year, the new concept will allow us to expand our base and invite new members from all corners of the Czech Republic, but also abroad, to the TERIBEAR community. We will stay together, even if each one separately. We believe that this challenge will result in a new direction for our happening and significant help for abandoned children.

Mark your calendar: the virtual TERIBEARe will start on September 10, 2020. More information will be available soon on the www.teribear.cz website.

We look forward to hearing from you,
the Tereza Maxová Foundation team and the TERIBEAR