General Information

Get Moving with TERIBEAR or Fun Movement with the Bear – Powered by ŠKODA AUTO – is a virtual equivalent of the traditional sports and charity event TERIBEAR Moves Prague. Intended for all who want to help disadvantaged children, we invite you to join our community of goodwill while doing something good for yourself. The new format comes in response to this year’s specific situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic. To be able to organize the event and to be able to help together, we decided to give the idea a new twist.

In 2020, TERIBEAR will leave one specific location and become a virtual and truly limitless event. Thanks to the new technological form of the Get Moving with TERIBEAR happening, we can enjoy some physical activity and help from anywhere in the Czech Republic and abroad – just download the partner running application Strava and register in our database. All kilometres you complete during the event will be transferred to the results list, similar to what you have known from previous years. For each kilometre recorded, the event partners donate CZK 10 to the story of your choice as presented on our website. Looking for another way to get involved? Simply support the charity collection and become a donor and a member of the TERIBEAR family. One for all, all for TERIBEAR!


From 10.9. 2020, 10:10 am



Anywhere using the fitness app Strava


Virtually using the fitness app Strava

Start: 10. 9. 2020 (Thursday), 10:10 am
Venue: Anywhere
Form: Virtual
End: The virtual happening will finish once 10,000,000 CZK have been raised.
How does it work: To participate in the event, individual attendees will need the fitness application Strava which allows to track completed kilometres (running or walking) and upload them to the online leaderboard maintained by the organizer. For each kilometre they make, event partners donate 10 CZK for charity programmes.
Registration: Online
Categories: Individual: men, women, children
Group: teams, families
Schools, children’s care facilities and sports clubs
Registration Fee: 200 CZK