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How to Register

The online Registration Form will guide you through the entire registration process for each category (individual, team, family).

Registration of a child under the age of 13 must be carried out by the child’s legal guardian.

Below you can find out how to proceed with group registration (team, family)


All members of a team or family are also automatically participants in the respective individual categories (i.e. men, women or children under 12).

  1. In the first step, click on the relevant category in which you want to register (team or family)
  2. Fill in at least one participant (contact person)
    1. You can continue by adding additional participants to the group (all mandatory information of all participants must be filled in – first name, last name, gender, year of birth, country and email) and pay the registration fee for all participants at once
    2. Or complete the registration and allow other participants to join your group on their own (using the generated “Security Code” – see below)
  3. Choose the name of your group
  4. Select the story you want to support with your participation and to which you want to dedicate your contribution and kilometres completed
  5. Complete your registration

How to join an existing team/family (using the Security Code)

The team/family contact person (the first registered member) will receive the team/family “Security Code” in the text of the confirmation email once the group is created and will provide it to other members. They will then enter it in the appropriate box during their registration process, thereby joining an existing group during the registration process.
The same procedure can be applied to group registration – i.e. adding more participants to an existing group simultaneously within one registration. Check the “I want to join an existing team” box and then enter the security code.

Discounted or free registration

If you are eligible for discounted or free registration, the organizer will send you a special discount code by email. Individual team members then enter the discount code in the last step of the registration process, which entitles them to the discount.

Log in to viRACE app

Upon registering in our registration system and paying the registration fee, the participant is automatically generated a user account in the viRACE app, which will be used to track kilometers for TERIBEAR. The participant’s username is the email address under which you registered. The password is sent to you after registration from the email address info@virace.app. More information about the viRACE app can be found HERE.

How to Register Children and Pets

  • In the first step, register your child (using a different email) and create a separate account in viRACE.
  • Both the parent and the child should be registered under their respective names and emails, with their own viRACE accounts.
  • The parent must have an account with Strava/Garmin Connect/Polar, etc., and smart sports watches. Link one of these application accounts to your viRACE account.
  • During the event, the parent logs in the child through the viRACE application on the parent’s mobile phone.
  • The parent runs/walks using smartwatches with Strava/Garmin Connect/Polar, etc.
  • The parent’s performance is synchronized from their watches to their viRACE account, and the child gathers kilometers on the parent’s mobile phone.

Successful Registration

You can easily verify successful registration and proper settings in the viRACE application under the ‘You’ tab, where the TeriBear event should appear.

Modifications to the existing registration

It is not possible to unsubscribe group members via the online forms. In individual emergency cases, it is possible to request removal from the group by emailing the organiser at: teribear@c-in.eu.

The host of the event “Get Moving with TERIBEAR or Prima Movement with a Bear” is the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children with registered office at Jáchymova 26/2, Prague 1, ID No.: 285 14 319 and the event is produced by the organizer CZECH-IN s.r.o., with registered office at 5. května 1640/65, 140 21 Prague 4, ID No.: 48582387, VAT No.: CZ48582387.