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I want to help pregnant mothers in need

… because no one can replace mom! Sometimes a woman gets pregnant while in difficult…

I want to help families in difficult situations

… because life crisis doesn’t have to mean collapse of the family. If parents love…

I want to help mothers from shelters to start again

… because to influence the future of children means to change the future

I want to help return children from institutions back to their families

… because children are better off in the safety and love of a family environment than in an institution

I want to support foster care and adoption

… because every child deserves love and needs to grow up in a safe, caring, accepting…

I want to help abused children to find their way out of hell

… because unfortunately, some children have to live through more than they can bear

I want to help children from the institutional care to enjoy a happy childhood

… because the orphanage teddy bear is simply not enough for a happy childhood

I want to help young people from institutional care to study

… because every person is unique and deserves support in their plans and ambitions…

I want to help heal children's broken souls...

… because emotional hardship in childhood, separation from family, loss of background…

I want to help young people stand on their own two feet

… because everyone deserves support to realize their potential.