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I want to support foster care and adoption

because every child deserves love and needs to grow up in a safe, caring, accepting  family environment. And if the biological family fails them, it’s great that abandoned children can find people with big hearts who would give them a foster home.

Lucie and Jan have raised their biological son and adoptive daughter, who is now an adult. 20 years ago, they decided to open their home and their arms to other children – they became foster parents. During that time, three children grew in the family before starting their independent life; the oldest foster daughter now has her own family. Now the couple has ten-year-old Karolína and nine-year-old Lada in temporary care. Both kids are musically gifted; Karolínka sings in the choir, her brother plays the cello. “We try to give children unconditional love as much as we can, they are a gift for us and they are wonderful. Thank you for the opportunity to make a few little beings happier, “writes Lucie.

More children are waiting for a miracle – for a family that will give them love; a safe home where they would be surrounded with their loved ones, with their own toys and books. A haven which will provide them with precious memories to take with them when moving on, and where they can return. Help us to support foster care families and the Adopce.com project that promotes adoption and foster care and accompanies people through the whole process of adopting a child.

Together we will move the world and help to make sure more abandoned children would find a loving home!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!