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I want to support foster care and adoption

… because every child deserves love and needs to grow up in a safe, loving family environment. And if the biological family already fails, it’s great that there are people with big hearts who provide a foster home for abandoned children.

As a baby, Martina was at risk of growing up in an orphanage. Both parents were drug addicts and couldn’t take care of her. She lived with her mother in a shelter home for a while, and when she was 15 months old, her foster mother, Kateřina, offered her home to protect her from life in an institutional care. The little girl was neglected and experienced hardship, but she gradually blossomed thanks to the therapy and loving care she found with her foster mother.

Although she had a difficult start in life, Martina is now a happy and inquisitive girl. Sometimes she struggles to concentrate but she does well at school. Recently, she started to develop contact with her mother. “I want to make sure she experiences a lot of things, trips to nature and dance classes, which are important to her and fill her with joy and confidence,” says Kateřina. “Martinka is a great gift to me, and I would like to give her the childhood she deserves.”

Together, we will move people’s destinies and help more abandoned children find a loving home!

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