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I want to support foster care and adoption

because every child deserves love and needs to grow up in a safe, caring, accepting  family environment. And if the biological family fails them, it’s great that abandoned children can find people with big hearts who would give them a foster home.

 Little Marek was born prematurely, with a birth weight below a single kilogram, his parents were addicted to drugs. If he hadn’t gotten into a foster family that was fully dedicated to him, his prospects wouldn’t have been great. But foster parents Jana and Adam did not give up. When they brought him home at the age of 13 months, they embarked on a journey of rehabilitation sessions and medical examinations, home exercise and once a year they added a spa treatment. They cooperate with the therapist and apply the acquired skills both in the education of Marek and the older Lukáš, whom they took into foster care as a baby. Today, Marek is nine years old, he attends regular school with the help of an assistant, and thanks to the support of the Tereza Maxová Foundation, he also has tutoring.

For Marek’s active family, their free time evolves mainly around recreational sports. They ride bikes or go on trips together. The boys have learned to skate, ski, play football or badminton. Although the upbringing of both boys is sometimes challenging, they live in a loving family and show how much the care of surrogate parents has helped them develop and enjoy an ordinary, happy childhood.

 Together we will move the world and help to make sure more abandoned children would find a loving home!

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