I want to support foster care and adoption

… because every child deserves love and needs to grow up in a safe, loving family environment. And if the biological family already fails, it’s great that there are people with big hearts who provide a foster home for abandoned children.

Renata grew up in an orphanage, and her siblings were separated and placed in foster care. Even though her marriage broke up, she is a great mom to her three grown children. When her sister’s seven young children were placed in institutional care, aunt Renata regularly took them home for the weekends and was the only family member with whom the children had a close relationship. Their father was in prison, and the mother showed no interest in the children. Renata applied for foster care for her nephews and nieces. She found adequate housing for her new large family and, with the assistance of a family group conference, developed a network of friends who supported her in raising the children.

It has been 7 years since the court granted Renata’s petition for custody of the children. They are very different children from those that she brought home. Back then, they were full of fear and anxiety, they didn’t want to go out alone. Today they have many friends. They felt welcomed to the new school, and experience success and joy in learning, hobby clubs and sport teams. Simply, they enjoy everything that belongs to a happy childhood. Above all, Renata has provided the children with a stable and secure background – and the time is slowly approaching when they will start to stand on their own feet.

We hope to help more abandoned children find a loving home!

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