7 387 460 Kč 369 373,00 km

In order to improve the collection of km, we have summarized some recommendations for you:

1. Have only one external app paired with viRACE (e.g. just Strava). Never multiple apps at the same time!

2. Collect activities in areas with good GPS signal. If the GPS signal is lost, the tracking is interrupted and cannot be restored.

3. Make sure you are logged into viRACE under the same email as you registered at www.teribear.cz. Otherwise you might have a duplicate account and the km will not be added to our leaderboard.

4. Activities that do not support GPS (treadmill, etc.) will not be added to our leaderboard.

5. Keep your app accounts in public setting.

6. Your km record does not match? Email tptb@c-in.eu or call technical support at 725 946 or 727 803 221.

7. Please use only one communication channel (either email or phone) to communicate with technical support. Otherwise, duplication of edits may occur.

8. The official results list is only the one on our website www.teribear.cz. Please disregard the track record in viRACE or Strava.

By following these recommendations you will help us a lot to run the event more smoothly. Thank you all!!