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I want to help heal children’s broken souls…

… because emotional hardship in childhood, separation from family, loss of background and the disintegration of your previously known world leave wounds in a fragile child’s soul that a person deals with for a lifetime. Psychotherapy helps children to cope with these experiences.

For eight-year-old Fanda, home equaled fear and insecurity. He often witnessed arguments between his parents and his dad attacking his mum. Although he would have preferred to run away to his friends, Fanda felt a responsibility to protect and take care of his younger brothers.

The situation escalated to the point where the police often intervened and the children’s welfare workers recommended the family for counselling in the ‘Let’s Children be Children’ program. This changed the dynamics at home. The parents are working together to break the cycle of violence and give their children the love, security and childhood they need. Thanks to the counselling, Fanda has also found a safe place to share his worries and better understand the situation at home. He learned how to protect his needs in a difficult situation, find support from adults and be a child again. Gradually he began to believe that he deserved his voice to be heard.

Together, we will move people’s destinies and help to write happier endings to children’s stories!

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