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I want to help young people from institutional care to study

… because every person is unique and deserves support in their plans and ambitions. Investing in the education of disadvantaged young people is the best investment in their future.

“I came to the orphanage when I was seven years old,” says Adriana. “At first it was not easy for me. I had to adapt to a new environment and a new group of children. After primary school, I decided to study at the medical high school, where I chose the field of social work. After that, I entered the Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Social Pedagogy. Now, with the support of the Foundation, I am working on my Master’s degree, which I expect to complete in 2024. In the future, I would like to work in institutional education, helping children in a similar situation to the one I experienced. I would like to use my experience for those in need. I am grateful to the Tereza Maxová Foundation for helping me achieve my goals in life.”

Together we will move people’s destinies and help young people like Adriana to achieve their dream of education!

Would you like to help right now? You can here. Thank you!